Home Made Baked Beans

I must confess, I usually serve my baked beans straight from a little blue tin. I don’t even bother to heat them, just throw them stone cold onto a piece of soy and linseed toast and I’m away.

Yesterday, however, I woke up with the urge to cook. Admittedly I had been spurred on by a recipe that was sent to me after a friend of mine heard about my cold tinned bean habit. I was first allured by the photo…


I challenge you not to be allured by this photo on a cold winter morning. I then moved on to peruse the list of ingredients. It should be noted that I have, in the past, ordered home made baked beans in cafes and been startled by the inclusion of coriander. I HATE coriander. This recipe seems to use oregano in place of coriander. Yum!

Home Baked Beans with Ham Hock

Serves six

200ml olive oil Italian Rosa
250g brown onion, chopped
50g fresh whole peeled garlic
4 standard tins of Italian crushed tomatoes
1 ham hock
300gm cannellini beans (soak beans overnight prior to use)
Half a bunch of oregano

1.    Heat the oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat
2.    Sauté the chopped onions and garlic still soft but no colour
3.    Puree the crushed tomatoes and add to the saucepan
4.    Add the ham hock and cannellini beans
5.    Sir well, add half of the chopped oregano and ½ a cup of water
6.    Cook over a low heat just simmering for 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally
7.    Remove the ham hock and shred the meat and return to the saucepan
8.    Add the remaining chopped oregano and season well.

So, obviously my impulse cooking session did not involve soaking beans overnight but, I’m happy to report, tinned cannellini beans work a treat, though I’d recommend using two tins. The recipe calls for 300g and there’s 400g in a tin so I thought I had ample beans but I didn’t think about the soaking weight.

All in all, I made a delicious dish. It has a really rich tomato flavour and the addition of the ham hock is pure genius, giving a lovely smoky flavour. I loved it served with a crusty bread roll…but I’m sure it’s also nice with poached eggs and sausages.

Btw, I found this recipe on the following amazing food blog…



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