I Love Smokers


Those of you who know me best will be looking for sarcasm here but alas, the words I speak are true. There are too many smokers that I love. They’re my family, my close friends, my partner and I love them.

I loathe cigarettes. I know I’m not alone here. I think if we really got down to brass tacks we’d find that even smokers loathe cigarettes. How can you love something that has such a ridiculous hold over you? All smokers are involved in an abusive relationship, an abusive relationship with cigarettes that was born out of stupidity. I dare you to argue with me on that point (unless you took up smoking over 50 years ago and your doctor told you to do it).

So let’s have a look at the reasons people give for making the stupid decision to take up smoking.

1, To relieve stress. The only stress that smoking relieves is the stress associated with wanting a cigarette.

2, To look/feel more grown up. Guess what, you don’t look any older, you just look too young to know any better. Furthermore, if you keep it up, you’re going to look 60 when you turn 40…and don’t give me any of this “that’s what Botox is for” rubbish, you can’t afford Botox, you’ve spent all your money on cigarettes.

3, As an act of rebellion. Have you ever heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face? Get a piercing, even if it gets infected it still won’t hurt you as much as cigarettes.

4, Because it’s the only way you can get a break at work. There’s got to be another way. Toilet? Coffee? Herbal tea? Yoghurt? Protein bar? Cupcake? Walk in the park? Non-smokers have the best excuse to walk away for 10 minutes and indulge in whatever they damn well please… “I don’t smoke”.

5, Everyone else is doing it. No they’re not. Step away from the stupid people, I don’t care how good looking they are, they won’t be for long.

In a perfect world, I would hate smokers and wouldn’t have to have cigarettes and their nasty death threats in my life. However, the horrible reality for smokers is “moments on the lips, lifetime to quit”. Smokers are people who have made a terrible, irreversible decision, usually in their youth. They are addicts and the vast majority of them have the good sense to envy non-smokers.

I’d like to think this little rant of mine might make someone think twice about becoming a smoker but that’s not why I wrote it. I wrote it to let my loved ones know that I know quitting is difficult, but the less smokers I love, the happier I’ll be…and I won’t stop loving them, that’s not an option. xxxx


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