Not so Happy Snap

There has been considerable debate amongst my friends as to how I look in this photograph…


They all agree on ‘bad’ and spontaneous laughter was the most common reaction, but what’s the expression all about? Some say I look disgusted, others, horrified and a couple just assumed I was exhausted, after all, I’d just run 10km.

It was my first fun run and I was approaching the finish line beaming with pride, the furthest I’d run without stopping in my preparation was 4km. I was absolutely thrilled with myself for running the whole way. I had exceeded my expectations by a long shot and was pretty damned pleased to see that finish line.

In the moment before I was snapped, my happiness turned to horror as I saw a man getting CPR no more than a metre from the finish line. Maybe I do look disgusted and I was exhausted but the correct answer is ‘horrified’.


8 thoughts on “Not so Happy Snap

  1. Probably a caught millisecond in time when your face was contorted like that, I am sure you had a beaming smile most of the time. Congrats on the 10K!

    1. Lol, pretty sure I looked knackered from 1km through to about 9.8km, then I smiled for a brief moment, then I looked horrified. That said, I’m sure you would’ve captured the smile, James.

  2. Congratulations on your run! I hope that person will be okay. Whatever happens, it shouldn’t take away from this being a mostly positive, life-affirming experience for you and the rest.

  3. You look fab for having just run 10k! I’d be queuing up for the CPR! Hope that guy was ok..if not the would have been brought to hospital very quick and probably fine, there are lots of ambulances on standby usually

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