One Degree From Bruce Lee

My parents are awesome. I’ve always admired the way they’ve lived their lives. They were very young when they met (15 and 18) but, unlike the majority of their generation, they were in no hurry to have a big wedding and start a family. They were a bit ahead of their time.

They had a little wedding when mum was 22 and dad was 25. Mum wore a mini dress and dad a suit and skinny tie. It wasn’t an elaborate affair, just a little barbecue with their closest friends and family. They had better things to spend their money on, they’d been saving up to see the world.

I’m sure you can imagine, venturing off to see the world in the late 1960’s was a much bigger adventure than it is these days. Imagine a life without email! No facebook, no skype, no google! A telephone call home was an expense they could only afford once every six months and the line would’ve been awful!

I could ramble on for days about how wonderfully adventurous these two people are but I promised a post about how awesome they are so I better get on with it.

My parents are in a Bruce Lee movie (best brag ever, if you know me personally, you’ve probably already heard this story). When they were living in Hong Kong, in 1970, a film maker was in need of European extras for a scene in Bruce Lee’s ‘Fist of Fury’. Mum and dad opened the scene and hung around in the background to watch Bruce Lee kick a sign that said ‘No dogs and Chinese allowed’. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found it on YouTube…

My awesome parents told us it was a ‘blink and you miss us’ scenario. I beg to differ. How can you miss mum’s fabulous afro and dad’s mustard suit and fat tie? Furthermore, who cares if we can see them, they met Bruce Lee! They both got to shake his hand! In fact, after a long day of filming and Kung Fu kicking, he shook hands with all the extras. How cool is that!

I’m very happy to say that my lovely parents are still together today, living a happy and healthy lifestyle, complete with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. After their exciting world trip they settled in Sydney and both worked two jobs to buy a house, before starting their family. I was their first born, my brother came two years later and, nine years after that, my sister took us all by surprise.

They’ve just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary with a trip to Port Douglas. The travel bug has never left them, though they tend more towards cruises these days.

My awesome parents mucking around in a photo booth at a wedding a few months ago.
Mum and dad back in the day, with nanna (dad’s mum).

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