Getting a Kick out of Golf

I’ve never been exceptionally competitive in the sporting arena. Another, more accurate way of saying that is, of course, I suck at sport. The funny thing is, I love sport! I’ll give anything a go, much to the amusement of onlookers…or to the detriment of any team that I might have let down.

I tend to stick to solo sports these days, so when the opportunity to play ‘football golf’ arose, I wasn’t going to let it pass me by.

To anyone who plays soccer, it’s obvious this shot didn’t hit the target.

The course was a similar size to a par three. Obviously the holes were much bigger but the aim of the game was virtually the same. Get the ball in the hole in as few kicks as possible; and wait until the ball stops before you kick again.

I’d like to surprise you all and say I excelled at this game, but alas, I was terrible. In fact I was so bad that they didn’t have a souvenir keyring with a high enough score for me. It’s a good thing I’m not very competitive in the sporting arena, otherwise I wouldn’t have had so much fun.


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