Fashion in the (Fun Run) Field

I ran 13kms today. A hilly 13kms that started with an 800m sand run. It was the 21st annual pub2pub fun run and my physical preparation had been a little bit lack lustre. I’d done no hill training whatsoever and went for a token sand run one morning when I had a beach to myself.

Magenta beach, how often do you get a beach like this to yourself?

So, with my lack of physical preparation, I thought I should make a point of being dressed with optimal comfort and style for the big event.

One of the first things I did when I decided to take up running was to purchase some good quality, industrial strength sports bras. It frightens me how many women I see out running, wearing inadequate undergarments. Women of the running world, listen and listen well, look after your girls! Go and get fitted for a sports bra, it will change your life.

Next, while we’re on the matter of undergarments, a decent pair of running briefs is not an easy thing to come by. Why not just wear a g-string? Well because you should never exercise in a g-string. I’d explain it to you myself but I’d rather you just click here.

It took me a solid 2 months of slightly uncomfortable running before I managed to procure a pair of briefs that don’t ride up and have no visible panty lines. I now swear by these bikini briefs from Jockey. They’re amazing! Really comfortable, a “no panty line promise” and they don’t ride up at all.

What about shoes? Shoes are as important as bras when it comes to fit. If you’re not wearing the right shoes, you’re not only going to be uncomfortable but you’re also more likely to sustain an injury. More information about running shoe fittings can be found here.

With all that sorted, all I needed was a decent pair of running tights and a nice, light, loose tank top. So what defines “decent running tights”? First of all, they need to suck everything in, so to speak. When I first bought my industrial strength bra, I did the mandatory bounce test. You know, jumping up and down and seeing how far the girls go. It was then that I experienced the strange sensation of my body bouncing up and down and my breasts going nowhere. It was disconcerting to say the least and it was then that I began the search for a pair of running tights made of the same fabric as my bra.

Another important criteria that needs to be met by the ideal pair of running tights is their ability to stay up. Yeah, that’s right, they’re expected to defy gravity. I need all my energy for running, I can’t be expected to be constantly pulling my tights up and I don’t want to run around with a steadily blossoming muffin top.

I’m happy to report that, even though I am yet to find a pair of running tights that are as effective as my sports bra, I did manage to find some that held everything relatively still and didn’t fall down at all. I couldn’t find the Capri version online but this is them in the full length version. For the top half I went with a Nike Pro tank top similar to this, light, loose and figure flattering, a winner all round.

NPBA2418-12x17 (2)
Looking cool, comfortable, athletic, effortless. Feeling exhausted yet surprisingly comfortable and moving at a snails pace.

As you may have guessed from my reluctance to talk about it, I didn’t run a great race today. I had to stop to get the sand out of my shoes, I walked up the hills and I was running in the “jogging” category which apparently translates to “walkers who run really fast right after you overtake them”. It was a beautiful course, with spectacular views of the northern beaches but it was too narrow not to be pushing past people. If I were to ever do it again I think I’d walk it with a good camera.

I haven’t got my official time yet but I believe it’s around the 1:40 mark. Not fantastic but not terrible. Just in case you haven’t picked up on this, my most noteworthy achievement today was the fabulously comfortable and practical outfit I chose for myself.


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