Jacarandas in Sepia

Bushfire season, as you would expect, a is a threat we usually don’t see until the summer months. This year is different. An unseasonably warm spring has seen a huge area of N.S.W engulfed in fires. Sydney, though untouched by the raging flames, yesterday found itself beneath a sepia fog, the gusty hot winds blowing smoke and ash a great distance from the furnace.


Jacaranda trees bloom in Sydney only in October and November, splashing dots of pastel purple all over the city. I was mesmerised by the vibrant colours of the jacarandas against a sepia sky, an unusual sight, to say the least.


My heart goes out to those who are directly affected by these horrific infernos, I can only begin to imagine how terrifying and heartbreaking it must be. I captured these images with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me, with empathy for those who aren’t so lucky and with the eerie reminder that this has happened in spring.




8 thoughts on “Jacarandas in Sepia

  1. It must be eerie, a horrible accident might be behind the color but pictures still keep unexpected beautiful colors. Super photos, especially the first one..

    1. We’re absolutely fine, thank you for your concern. The fires are absolutely awful and predicted to get much worse but I live in the city, about a two hour drive from the closest fire.

  2. These are beautiful photos; made poignant by the circumstances under which they were taken. We’re thinking of you across the ditch.

    1. Thanks, they’re gorgeous aren’t they! I love that my whole city is dotted pastel purple for two months of the year.

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