The Canvas Exposed

This week’s photo challenge (The Hue of You) inspired me to tell a story about a photograph of me that I love. Clearly the hue in this photograph is a striking, glamorous, vibrant, perfect red…


Obviously I didn’t take this photograph. It is the work of an amazing Australian fashion photographer by the name of David Gubert. On this occasion, I spent a solid two hours with Brad Mullins (hairstylist extraordinare) adding layers of extra hair section by section before moving down the production line to Katrina Raftery, who effortlessly and expertly applied my glamorous make-up . I was also lucky enough to be bathed in spectacular lighting before the rest of my flaws were seen to by a few hours of retouching. The girl in that picture isn’t me at all, she’s an artwork produced by a brilliant team of professionals, I was merely the canvas.

Last weekend, I took the following self portrait…


This is me after a day at the races. I’m happy, relaxed, my long wear hot pink lipstick is nowhere to be seen and my freckles are no match for what’s left of my foundation. The hue in this photograph is a far cry from striking red but I like to think it’s still pretty. It’s an elegant, pastel pink, the canvas stripped bare. Ok, almost bare, there’s a definite hint of mascara that’s in it for the long haul.

By the way, that’s Meb in the background being quietly amused by me taking a “selfie” with a DSLR camera.


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