High Brow

It’s not often that I get the urge to blog about beauty tips but this week’s photo challenge, “selfie”, has inspired me to demonstrate the amazing art of eyebrow shaping. I’ll be honest, bad eyebrows make me cringe. Far too many women (and beauticians) over-pluck their brows. Ouch! Why? Over-plucked brows make you look tired, old and in some extreme cases, permanently surprised. And what’s with the eyebrow tattooing? There’s absolutely no need for that! I know they say beauty is pain but it doesn’t have to be torture!

The best piece of beauty advice I have to offer is, find yourself a great brow artist. A great brow artist is not your beautician. She is a specialist and she will probably tell you to grow your brows as much as possible before she gets her hands on them. She will then shape your brows with military precision, tint them and maybe even pencil in an imperfection or two. When I leave my brow artist, I look like I’ve had a brow lift, she’s just that good.

So, here are my selfies, with and without a surgery-free brow lift from the lovely Jazz Pampling.

063 (2)

IMG_3242 (2)


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