The Versatile Blogger

I have been nominated for a blogging award! Yay! Thanks Irene Waters, I really appreciate the sentiment and I’m flattered that such a lovely writer acknowledged my work with a little nod of approval.

That said, I will not be accepting the award. Firstly because, on further investigation of said award, I found it to be more of a chain letter than an award. Secondly because I don’t want to be told how to accept an award and thirdly because I came across this post form one of my favourite bloggers…

An Award Free Blog

My sentiments exactly. I actually got halfway through my acceptance blog when I realised that by accepting this award, I would be burdening my fellow bloggers with a post full of instructions and guidelines. It was then that I decided to be a rebel and accept the compliment and not the “award”.

I love blogging. I do it because I enjoy sharing and reading stories with other people who enjoy sharing and reading stories. I’m not here to make money or to receive awards. I’m here to enjoy the virtual company of a world of beautiful, versatile bloggers. I love logging on with the knowledge that there are so many people from so many weird and wonderful places that just make me smile.

Thank you Irene Waters for making me smile with your nomination and thank you Michael Lai for the act of rebellion that inspired this post. I enjoy both of your blogs immensely and I hope my humble opinion hasn’t offended either one of you.


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