In the fashion industry, I’m referred to as a “plus-size” model. In real life, I’m a tall, healthy, curvy girl whose hobbies include yoga, writing, running, rock climbing, photography, baking, cooking and (wait for it) eating.

I’ve also had many a “day job” to support my modelling habit. At times my day jobs have been there simply to fill the void in the downtime and other times they’ve been my only source of income. The fashion industry is fickle. Versatility, adaptability and the ability to accept rejection with dignity are my superpowers.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alana, I like to stop by and welcome as many of the subscribers to my blog as I can. So here I am to say thanks for stopping by, and thanks for enjoying my photography. I hope you continue to like what you see.

    1. Jeff, please excuse my late reply, thank you for stopping by to check out my humble little blog. I will indeed continue to enjoy your photography…already have actually. 😉

  2. Hi there Alana. Thanks for checking out and following Intrepid Tales on Insulin. Looking forward to reading more about your life as a pancreatic challenged model! cheers, Nat

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