Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


I’m Australian. As a result I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. On this particular occasion, we’d made a special trip to one of the national parks to visit the glorious Murrays Beach in Jervis Bay. Such a pretty spot. Crystal clear water and shiny bright white sand, the perfect spot for a quick dip on a hot summer’s day.

Alas, the Portuguese Man of War was omnipresent. Little bubbles of blue dotted across the bright white sand. The beauty of the beach blurred by the focus on the evil little stinger that ruined our day. Still, I can’t be too upset, he’s a photogenic little stinger.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

For Christmas last year, my younger sister decided to gift her immediate family (and my very English boyfriend) with a group surf lesson. If I said we were all equally thrilled and excited by the idea, I would be telling a big fat porky pie. Reactions ranged from enthusiasm and excitement to fear and loathing. Nevertheless, on a warm overcast day in Cronulla, we all showed up at the beach. For some it was to conquer a fear, for others, to try something new and for one because he wasn’t given a choice.

The following photograph was taken at the end of our lesson.


A couple of us actually managed to stand up and ride a wave or two to shore and the majority of us escaped without injury.

The head injury happened shortly after this photograph was taken…


There he is in the background, I’m sure you’ll all agree, that’s not the correct way to ride a surf board. From here he managed to dismount the board so clumsily that it launched in the air and landed, fin first, on his head. His prize for that was a 3cm cut on his head, a patch up from the lifeguards and a trip to the nearest hospital to get stitched up.


He also managed to give a good giggle to the locals who watched him walk down the beach wearing a “learn to surf” rash shirt and a bandage on his head.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Kids are great. They’re so much fun and so easily pleased…said the Aunty. I’m capable of having just as much energy as they do for the few hours that I’m on duty. I’m also happy to buy them treats and let them lick the beaters when we bake cupcakes… but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them out number me. That’s why, when I was asked to babysit my beautiful niece and two gorgeous little nephews, I had to call in the reinforcements.

Ladies and gentlemen, team babysitting: because they should never outnumber you.

photo (9)

Please note that I routinely cheat on “weekly photo challenges”. I did not take this photograph, I was busy babysitting but aren’t we an awesome little community.

Jacarandas in Sepia

Bushfire season, as you would expect, a is a threat we usually don’t see until the summer months. This year is different. An unseasonably warm spring has seen a huge area of N.S.W engulfed in fires. Sydney, though untouched by the raging flames, yesterday found itself beneath a sepia fog, the gusty hot winds blowing smoke and ash a great distance from the furnace.


Jacaranda trees bloom in Sydney only in October and November, splashing dots of pastel purple all over the city. I was mesmerised by the vibrant colours of the jacarandas against a sepia sky, an unusual sight, to say the least.


My heart goes out to those who are directly affected by these horrific infernos, I can only begin to imagine how terrifying and heartbreaking it must be. I captured these images with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me, with empathy for those who aren’t so lucky and with the eerie reminder that this has happened in spring.